b'Military Lifetime LicensesResident Military Retiree Lifetime Licenses are available at any AGFC regional office. Sportsmen must be 60 or older and show proof of 60 days Arkansas residency and retirement from a branch of the U.S. Armed Services. Military lifetimeHELP PROTECT trout and state waterfowl stamp permits, federal waterfowl stamps, resident trapping permits and HIP registration areARKANSAS FORESTS.not included with this license.ResidentDisabledMilitaryVeteranLifetimeLicensesareDont Move Firewood. availableattheLittleRockofficeonly.ThereisnoageMoving firewood canrequirementforthislicense,butsportsmenmustshowtransport invasive pests and diseasesproof of 60 days Arkansas residency and proof of service-connected disability. Be on the Lookout. Report dying trees andVeterans with 100 percent permanent service-connectedsuspected invasive pests. disabilitymaypurchaseaResidentDisabledMilitary VeteranLifetimeFishingLicense(VLF)for$1.50,aCall ADA at (501) 225-1598 ResidentDisabledMilitaryVeteranLifetimeHuntingor send a photo to:License (VLH) for $1.50 or a Resident Disabled Militarycaps@agriculture.arkansas.govVeteran Lifetime Combination License (VLC) for $3. This license does not include state or federal waterfowl stamps, trout stamps, trapping permits or HIP registration. Veterans LifetimeStateWaterfowlStamps(VLD,$7)andTrout Stamps (VLT, $5) are available. Please contact the LittleUGA2106098Rock office for more information. EMERALD ASH BORER is responsible for the dead trees pictured in the background Veterans with a 70 percent permanent service-connected disability or veterans with a 50 percent service-connected disability and have received the Purple Heart Medal may purchaseaResidentDisabledMilitaryVeteranLifetime Combination License (VLL), which includes hunting, fishing,Thousandtrout and state waterfowl stamp privileges for $52.50. Cankers DiseaseHow Do I Replace a Lost License? AGFCslicensingsystemallowslicenseinformationtobe retrieved via smartphone/mobile device. Purchasers can also5573241 5449525 UGA1299003print their own license at home or at license vendors aroundSpotted Asian Long- Cogongrass UGA1523118the state.J Lanternfly horned Beetle flowers in spring Gypsy Moth Photos courtesy of: Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, The Ohio State Univ., Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, Colorado State Univ., USDA, and David Cappaert Love Where You LiveStuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 9'