b'General Hunting RegulationsCaptive Mallards and Live DecoysIt is illegal to hunt migratory waterfowl over live decoys at any time.It is illegal in Arkansas to release captive-reared mallards unless:The owner is operating and the hunter is shooting at a Commission-licensed game bird shooting resort.The owner has a valid shoot-to-kill retrieving dog training permit and legally purchased the mallards from the holder of a wildlife breeder/dealer permit or has legally imported the mallards into Arkansas in accordance with an AGFC wildlife importation permit. Shoot-to-kill retrieving dog training permits are available through any AGFC wildlife management employee or wildlife officer.Transferring WildlifeEach hunters harvested waterfowl must be kept in a way so it is easily identifiableasbelongingtothathunter.Itisillegaltopossesswildlife harvested by someone else, unless accompanied by a signed statement fromthetaker,statingname,address,species,datetakenandlicense number. See example at bottom of page.A drivers license number with state of origin may be substituted for the hunting license number. A hunter education card number or date of birth may be substituted for the hunting license number for hunters under 16 years of age.Stay legal. Make sure you provide this information with the transfer.I, Hunting, Fishing or Drivers License No.*give possession tothe following wildlife (quantity and type) , \x1ftaken on .Date Todays Date Signature of GiverAddress of Giver* A hunter education card number or date of birthCheck Number (required for big game)may be substituted for hunters under16.Failure to Report a Hunting- or Trapping-Related IncidentIt is unlawful for persons to fail to immediately report a hunting- or trapping-relatedincidentinvolvingpersonalinjuryabovebasicfirst-aidtreatment to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission so an investigation may be conducted.If the incident involves only one individual and they areadmitted to the hospital and incapacitated for any length of time, the incident should then be reported as soon as possible. To report hunting- or trapping-related incidents, please call 800-482-9262.Photo Mike WinthropWanton WasteIt is illegal to discard (or allow to go to waste) any edible portion of game birds taken.Edible portions for game birds are breasts.Continued13'