b'Property RegulationsHunting Near a ResidenceHunters lawfully present through ownership or lease agreement mayhuntontheirownproperty,regardlessofdistanceto another persons residence.However, all other hunters using firearms within 150 yards of a residence or using archery equipment within 50 yards of a residence must have written permission from the owner or occupant of that residence. I have given Permission to Hunt Card P.O. Box 225 Dewitt, AR 72042 sportmans namepermission to hon my land We welcome you to one of Americas(location) for this period of time: \x1f Premier Duck Hunting Guide Services. state beginning and ending days, months and years Relax in our rustic lodge, be pampered, Signed, landowner or lessee signatureand WE SHOOT DUCKS TOO!landowner or lessee name, printed7,000 sq ft Fowl Play LodgePhoneTodays dateOff season rental availableHunting on Private PropertyCatering ServicesWritten permission (see example below) from the landowner Guided Duck Huntsorleaseholderisrequiredbeforehunting,fishing,trapping or releasing hunting dogs or pursuing wildlife with dogs on private property.Written permission is not required if the person hunting is a relative of the landowner or leaseholder and permission can be verified.JReprint with Permission. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook 2020-21Saddle up,light beer lovers.2nd Rodeo is our lightest beer brewed with naturally pure Arkansas water and homegrown Arkansas ricefor a crisp brew thats low in alcohol, low in calories, and refreshing anytime, anywhere.120 Cals.|4.1% Alc. by Vol.Lodge Phones:@LOST40BEER|Lost40Brewing.com |SEEK. FIND. ENJOY.800-946-8181800-260-2993870-946-8282870-946-2993Email:info@duckguidesinc.comOwners: transplace.com Thayn & Sally Mortonwww.duckguidesinc.comStuttgart Operations Center2804 S Main Street|Stuttgart, AR 72160| 870.673.1541Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 15'