b'USE OF A BOATFOR HUNTINGAnyone born after 1985 and of legal age to operate a motorboat must have successfully completed an approved AGFC boating education course and carry proof of completion while operating any motorboat on Arkansas waters.A motorboat is defined as any vessel operated upon water propelled by sail or machinery, whether or not the machinery is the principal source of propulsion.The boating education course teaches the fundamentals of safe and responsible boating and is written on a sixth-grade reading level. The internet course is available online. Students study the material and take the examination in person. There is a $29.95 charge. After successful completion of one of these options, the student will be mailed a Boating Education Card. Information and class schedules are available online at www.agfc.com or by calling 501-223-6377 (Little Rock) or 877-493-6424 (toll-free). JReprint with Permission. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook 2020-21Hunting fromThe Handbook a Boat isof Arkansas Boating Laws and Boating. ResponsibilitiesRemember to wear a lifeThis compilation of Arkansas andfederal boating lawsisavailablebycallingtheArkansasGame jacket and follow boatingand Fish Commission at 501-223-6379 (Little Rock) regulations. or email Stephanie.Weatherington@agfc.ar.gov.Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 19'