b'Federal Regulations OverviewInadditiontostateregulations,thefollowingRallyingfederal rules apply to the taking, possession, shipping, transporting and storing of migratoryYoumaynothuntmigratorygamebirdsthat game birds.havebeenconcentrated,driven,ralliedor stirred up with a motorized vehicle or sailboat. Special boating regulations apply on NWRs in Arkansas (see Page 27). It is illegal forTaggingwaterfowl hunters to be guided on National Wildlife Refuges. Both hunters and guidesYou may not give your birds to another person are subject to penalties. in the field, regardless of whether or not they are properly tagged. You may not leave migratory Caution:The following material is a summary.game birds in the custody of another person Eachhuntershouldalsoconsultthefederalunless you tag the birds with your signature, regulations found in Title 50, Code of Federaladdress, number of birds identified by species Regulations,Part20(availableathttps:// and the date you killed them. www.fws.gov/le/federal-regulations-title-50-part-20-11.html).MorerestrictiveregulationsDressingmay apply to national wildlife refuges and state wildlife management areas. You may not completely field-dress waterfowl before taking them from the field. The head or Illegal Hunting Methods one fully feathered wing must remain attached whileyoutransportthemtoyourhomeor You may not hunt migratory waterfowl: processor.1)With a trap, snare, net, rifle, pistol, swivelgun,shotgunlargerthan10gauge,puntDual Violationgun, battery gun, machine gun, fish hook, poison,drug,explosiveorstupefyingAviolationofastatemigratorygamebird substance.regulationisalsoaviolationoffederal 2)From a sink box or any other low floatingregulations. devicethatconcealsyoubeneaththe surface of the water.Duck Stamp3)From a motorboat or sailboat, unless you Ifyouare16orolder,youmustcarrya shut the motor off or furl the sail and thevalid federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting and vessel is no longer in motion.Conservation Stamp. You must sign the stamp 4)Withashotgunthatcanholdmorethan in ink across the face before hunting. three shells, unless you plug it with a one-piece filler that cannot be removed without disassembling the gun.Protected Birds5)Fromorbymeans,aidoruseofany Federallawprohibitsthekillingofnongame motorizedvehicleoraircraft.Ifyouareamigratory birds.paraplegic or are missing one or both legs, you may hunt from a stationary motorizedFor More Informationland vehicle.If you have additional questions about waterfowl Wanton Waste hunting, contact Division of Law Enforcement, U.S.FishandWildlifeService,Room81, You must make a reasonable effort to retrievePostOfficeBuilding,LittleRock,AR72201. and keep all migratory game birds you kill orTelephone:501-324-5643, or contact the U.S. Photo Mike Winthropcripple while in the field. You must immediatelyFish and Wildlife Service, 1500 Museum Road, kill any wounded birds you retrieve and countSuite105,Conway,AR72032.Telephone: those birds toward your daily bag limit.501-513-4474.JReprint with Permission. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook 2020-2121'