b'DUCKS IN ARKANSAS Pintail drake white neck, Look for a long, pointed tail and a breast and bellyMallardLength24 inchesRoughly 50 percent of ducks taken in Mallard Arkansas are mallards. More mallards arePintail hendrake shot in Arkansas than in any other state.Look for a greenNorthern Pintailhead and a sharpLength26 inchescontrast between theLook for a long, streamlined body with narrow wings. chestnut breast andOften seen early in the season and again in January.gray belly. Mallard hen Wood duck henFrequently emits a long Black Duck squealing call in flight.Length24 inchesLooks like a dark version of a mallard hen. White underwings and pale head contrast withWood Duck Wood duck drakea dark body. Often fliesLook for a long tail, a large with mallards.Length18 inches head held high in flight and Hens and drakes haveFrequents woods along streams or floodeda white belly and chin.a similar appearance.timber. Commonly breeds in Arkansas.Fewer than 2,000 are taken in ArkansasGadwall drakeeach year. GadwallLength21 inchesLook for a white patch on the back of each wingand a white belly. A gadwall flock looks like a flock Mottled Duck of small, slim mallard hens.Mottled ducks are rare in Arkansas.Gadwall henDrake and hen mottled ducks look like hen mallards, but the body feathers are a little darker than the mallard, yet not as dark as a black duck, and have the characteristic mottling shown in this illustration. The wing patch has a blue-green tint, no front white bar and a rear faded white stripe may be present.Goldeneye drake Wigeon drakeRarely seen in Arkansas. Fewer thanLook for white patches on the shoulder, white 1,500 shot each year in Arkansas. forehead and a green eye band .Common Goldeneye American Length19 inches WigeonDistinctive wing-whistling sound in flight has earned the name of whistlers. These are active, strong- Wigeon hen Length21 incheswinged fliers moving singly or in small flocks. Generally seen on largeLook for a showy white belly and rivers and lakes. Look for chunky body, fast direct flight, flash of whitea light blue bill tipped with black. on wing. Generally seen in small flocks Americanand taken in low numbers.Green-winged tealGreen-winged Teal Blue-wingeddrake Length15 inches teal drakeBlue-wingedThe smallest duck seen in Arkansas. A fast duck that teal henflies in dense flocks similar to those of blue-wingedteal. Both sexes appear paleBlue-Winged Tealunderneath and dark on top.Two pale lines on the top of wingsLength16 inchesare often visible. Teal preferLook for rapid, twisting flight in dense flocks. Shoulders are pale blue. shallow water and are commonLess than one-third the size of a mallard. Most have migrated through Green-winged teal hen Arkansas to Mexico and Central America by mid-October.in rice fields.24 Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide'