b'Canvasback Hooded MerganserCanvasback drakeLook for a red head, Length22 inches Length21 inchesa palecolored bodyArkansass largest and fastest duck. LookMergansers have narrow, pointed bills. A hooded merganser is with a darkfor a sloped forehead and a dark bill.small with a hood, and has black and white on each wing patch breast. Wingbeats are noisy and rapid. feather.Hooded merganser drakeCanvasback henThe same distinctiveHooded profile as the drake. merganser henRedhead drake Red-breasted merganser drake Red-breasted MerganserRedheadLength23 incheshen Uncommon. Flight is strong Redhead and direct, usually low over the water. Difficult to distinguish in flight from the Length20 inches common merganser. Females head and neck are Looks similar to a canvasback except itsRed-breasted merganser hen paler than female common merganser.forehead is more rounded. Its bill is blue with a white and black tip. Occasionally seen on reservoirs and deep waters. Scaup Common Common MerganserLength18 inches merganser drake Length25 inchesLooks similar to a ring-necked duck but with aFlocks move in follow the white back, bright blue bill and white on its wings. leader style, low over the water. Look for green head and white body on the drake. Females bright chestnut, crested head contrasts sharply with white chin Common merganser hen and breast.Scaup drake Northern ShovelerScaup henCommonly seenLook for a distinctLength21 incheson the Arkansas Riverwhite face patch. Has an undeserved reputation for being late in the season.poor table fare.Shoveler henShoveler drake Look for an Look for a wide, spoon-like bill, a whiteorange, spoon-like bill. breast, a dark belly and pale blue shoulderOtherwise, looks like a small patches. mallard hen.Ruddy duck drake Ruddy DuckRing-necked drakeLength15 inchesWhen flying, their small wings stroke so fast they resemble bumblebees. Hens and drakes Ring-neckedare similar in appearance during fall. Look for Ruddy duck hen white cheek patch on males. Often seen on drake eclipse Ring-neckedminnow ponds and large lakes with buffleheads.Ring-neckedhen Bufflehead Bufflehead henDuck Length14 inchesSmall, fast-flying duck. Length17 inches Look for white on its Swift, erratic flight. Look for a dark head and breast with a whitehead and wings. Plump belly. Dark back and wings help distinguish this duck in flight fromappearance. Often seenBufflehead drakescaup. Often seen in rice fields and agricultural reservoirs. with ruddy ducks. Bold black-and-white patternStuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 25'