b'Welcome to StuttgartAnnual Sponsors of the Usually, by this time of year, the Worlds Championship Duck Calling Contest and Wings Over the Prairie FestivalWorlds Championship Duck would be having the final tweaks and modifications put inCalling Contest and Wings place to be ready for the November festival held annuallyOver the Prairie Festivalduring the week of Thanksgiving.ThisNovember,duetotheCOVID-19pandemic,the stage will not hold the excitement and duck calls of the contestants vying for the Worlds Champion Duck Caller; there will be no duck gumbo contest, tents or midway. However, if you visit us, its possible that you may hear duck calls in the distance. Our duck callers refuse to be quiet!Even though there will not be a festival, you are sincerely welcome to explore Stuttgart. We are situated in the heart ofArkansas Grand Prairie southeast of the state capital of Little Rock. The attractive down home atmosphere in Arkansas County will be sure to lure you back next year.Take a tour of the farmland around the outskirts of the city;youllfind Arkansasworldclasswaterfowlhunt-ingandfishingareasaroundtheBayouMetoWildlife ManagementAreaandtheDaleBumpersWhiteRiver National Wildlife Refuge. Your first visit will prove to you why we enjoy our reputation as the Rice and Duck Capital of the World.LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE ARKANSAS GRAND PRAIRIE AND IN THE CENTER OF THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA MIGRATORY FLYWAY!Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 1'