b'Wildlife Management Areasand Wrape Lake (80 acres). About 13,000 acres of Bayoushare of mosquitoes and topography capable of disorienting Meto are flooded each fall to attract ducks. Two waterfowlhunters. The use of insect repellent, a compass or GPS and restareas,HalowellReservoirandtheWrapePlantation,an area map is advised. Submerged stumps and fallen logs also attract ducks in fall and winter. can make boating dangerous, so maintaining a safe speed is important.HUNTING OPPORTUNITIES:BayouMetosgreen-timberduckhuntingissomeofthe best in the state and constitutes the heaviest recreationalTRUSTEN HOLDER WMAuse on the area. The opening days of the season can be very crowded with 1,500 to 2,000 hunters using the areaZone: 630 / Counties: Arkansas, Deshaeach day, with the average of 350 hunters daily during the rest of the season. Duck numbers vary from one year to the2020\x1f21 WATERFOWLnextdependingonthemastcropandwaterlevels.DeerStatewide Waterfowl Season Dates and Bag Limitshunting is good also. During the permit gun hunt, it is not unusual for 40 to 60 bucks to be harvested. Squirrel huntingGeneral WMA Regulationsisusuallyexcellent,butpopulationsfluctuatedependingWATERFOWL NOTES:on availability of food. Raccoon hunting is good. Dogs are allowedforsquirrel,raccoonandrabbithunting.TurkeysItisunlawfultouseanydevicethatsimulateswing were stocked on the area from 1941-1968. Turkey hunting ismovement or movement of any kind through electrical or fair to good with spring flooding often limiting hunter activitymechanical means, except jerk strings. See exact code: and reproductive success of the birds. CODE24.11-CertainWaterfowlDecoysProhibited; Approved May 21, 2020, Effective June 7, 2020. It shall MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: be unlawful on any Commission-owned WMAs or lakes or Thereare20foodplotsonBayouMetoWMA. TheyareCamp Robinson WMA and on any National Wildlife Refuge managed on a two-year rotation. Openings may be controlto possess, or take or attempt to take waterfowl with the burned,bush-hogged,diskedand/orplantedtoprovideuse of, any simulated wing movement decoy or any decoy supplemental wildlife foods and nesting and bugging areas forother than an artificial decoy that imitates the appearance turkeys. Seasonal flooding of bottomland hardwoods offersof waterfowl: no moving parts or electrical components; and abundant forage for waterfowl and hunting opportunities. is not subjected to any artificial means that makes it appear to move, splash or causeripples. From the first day of the OWNERSHIP: first segment of regular duck season through the last day of Bayou Meto WMA is owned by the AGFC with four privatethe last segment of regular duck season including teal and in-holdingsconsistingof380acres.Thein-holdingsareyouthwaterfowlseason.(Code01.00-C).EXCEPTION: posted against trespassing. Manually operated jerk strings may be used to simulate decoy movement. PENALTY: Class 1See Boating regulations on WMAs and NWRs - page 27.PHONE:In areas where the park boundary follows the shoreline, a 877-367-3559 no hunting buffer zone (marked with signs or buoys) has PURPOSE: been established. Possession of a loaded firearm within this zone is prohibited.ThemanagementgoalonBayouMetoWMAistoofferAirboatsmaynotbeoperatedwithinTrustenHolder quality wintering habitat for migrating waterfowl and residentWMA(excluding ArkansasRiver, ArkansasPostCanal, wildlife while allowing opportunity for hunters. The naturalMerrisach Lake, Moore Bayou and Post Lake) during duck woodlands/wetlandscomplexofthemanagementareaseason.provides diverse habitat. Management activities improve theIn addition to a valid Arkansas hunting license, nonresidents quality of habitat for all wildlife species inhabiting the WMA. need a valid Arkansas waterfowl stamp (DSN) and a 5-day NonresidentWMAWaterfowlHuntingPermit(NW5)to RESTAURANTS AND OTHER FACILITIES: hunt waterfowl on wildlife management areas. The permit Stuttgart is the nearest town offering restaurants and facilities. costs $30.50 and is valid only Nov. 21-30, Dec. 27-Jan. 5, Jan. 22-31. It is available online, by telephone or from SAFETY: license dealers. Nonresidents will also need a free WMA Like other bottomland areas in Arkansas, Bayou Meto has itsGeneral Use permit (WMP) when hunting on any WMA.ContinuedStuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 29'