b'Best of the Flyways: Mississippi FlywayThis flyway is perhaps the most storied of them allBy Will BrantleyThis flyway is perhaps the most storied of them all. With a vibrantof hunting can change by the day, depending on the weather. duck hunting culture, theMississippi Flyway is home to nearlyTimber is best on sunny days, while fields are best on those half of the duck hunters in the United States, andcollectivelywinter-weather days, he says. The specklebelly hunting has they account for 40 to 50 percent of the nations annual duckbecome outstanding in the past decade too.harvest. It doesnthurt that more ducks winter here than in anySome of the best timber hunting is on the states public areas, other region in North America. Wherever yourMississippi Flywayincluding Rex Hancock Black Swamp Wildlife Management Area adventures take you, youre likely to find plenty of birds, friendly(WMA), White River National Wildlife Refuge, George H. Dunklin folks,and heartland hospitality. Jr. Bayou Meto WMA, and others. Hunting a place like Bayou ARKANSAS GRAND PRAIRIE Meto is an experience all its own, Birch says. For public land duck hunting in the timber, thats as good as it gets.NodiscussionoftheMississippiFlywaywouldbecomplete without a mention of Arkansass legendary green-timber mallardWHEN TO GOhunting.ThelittletownsscatteredaroundtheGrandPrairieTheArkansasseasonisgenerallybrokenintothreesplits, regionDeWitt,Clarendon,Stuttgart,andmanyothersarerunning from mid- to late November through the end of January. central to some of the most famous duck hunting in the world.The first split opener is almost always good, though youd be Theres more to it than the timber, though. You can find goodhard-pressed to find an Arkansas hunter who doesnt like the hunting in cypress brakes and flooded rice fields on public andlate season.private ground.Brent Birch was born and raised in Arkansas. He serves onAFTER THE HUNTthe Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation board and is editorGrab a bite at the Tamale Factory in Gregory, near Rex Hancock ofGreenheadmagazine.HesaysthemostproductivestyleBlack Swamp WMA. Birch says the steaks and, of course, the 34 Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide'