b'PERSEVERANCE PAYS OFF: Steinmeyer WinsWorlds TitleOF THE LA ST Eplunus Colvin, In the LoopIf you would of asked 37-year-old insurance producer, Michael Steinmeyer, 10 years ago if he was ready to be the Worlds Championship Duck Calling Contest winner, his answer would have been no.Steinmeyer,ofJackson,Mo,celebratedvictorious,winning the2019WingsOverThePrairieWorldsChampionship Duck Calling Contest, Saturday, November 30, in Stuttgart, Arkansas but the road to victory wasnt an easy one.AKC NATIONAL RETRIEVER Competing in duck calling competitions since 2006, Steinmeyer C HAMPIONS * has had his fair share of disappointments. or four more andThe feel of conquest hit Steinmeyer when he walked off the I blew in two contests, then blew in three said ok, I really do suck, said Steinmeyer. Giving up was ARE FU EL EDBY never an option, even though the champ admits, he felt likestage after the first round of the contest.it at times. It got to the point where you have invested soIts the ring of the hail call. Whenever you hit it, you feel it PURINA PRO PLANmuch time, so why would you give up, said Steinmeyer. Thethrough your skin, he said. The way the feed call flowed so.thought of not going back to Stuttgart for the contest is whatfluidly, at that point, when youre on, youre on.kept me going. Steinmeyer credits mentors such as the late Butch Richenback, who he says meant the world to him. He also thanks his friend Tyler who he has competed against and his late friend Ryan Hudson, who he said kept him encouraged.The people that have helped me along the way are no longer with us but they have helped me through it, said Steinmeyer.So, whats next for the 2019 World Champion?Idontknowyet,honestly,saidSteinmeyer.Askmein February when I show up in Burlington and Im not blowing.SEE WHY CHAMPIONSUntilthen,Steinmeyerwill beenjoyinghisfirst-place CHOOSE PURINA PRO PLAN. winnings,whichinclude, $10,000cash,aspecially designed championship ring HELPS OPTIMIZE SUPPORTS 30% PROTEIN / byWilkersonsJewelers,a OXYGEN METABOLISM IMMUNE SYSTEM 20% FAT Perseverance paid off for Steinmeyer, who has been blowingWar Eagle Duck Boat, and FOR INCREASED HEALTH HELPS MAINTAIN the same routine his entire career, slightly adjusting along thethousands of dollars in gifts ENDURANCE LEAN MUSCLE way. andprizes.Steinmeyer now joins the championship Saturday night, in front of friends, family and duck huntingclubamongstmanygreat proplansport.com fans, that same routine secured his title as the new reigningworldlegends.Michael EXCLUSIVELY AT PET SPECIALTY AND ONLINE RETAILERS world champ. Steinmeyersroadtohopecultivatedperseveranceand *Based on the top 5 dogs in each of the following Stakes: 20152019 National Championship and National Amateur Championship. The handler or owner of these champions may have receivedIts the same thing over and over again for 10 plus years,determination, even through the inevitable.Pro Plan dog food as Purina ambassadors. Purina trademarks are owned by Socit des Produits Nestl S.A. said Steinmeyer. You dont go by sound anymore, you go byIf youre going to do it, do it, he said. Stick with it and dont feel. give up.JStuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 39CheckMark Communications 060646World Duck Calling Championship Program 2020 BreederAd size:8.375"W x 10.875"D + bleed2020 Sporting Print Ad - Black LabBleed:8.625"W x 11.125"DTrim:8.375"W x 10.875"D trim size: 8-3/8" x 10-7/8"Live:7.5"W x 10"D 09.25.2020ann.roblek@purina.nestle.com'