b'DUCKS UNLIMITED RESPONDS TO A THREATENED LIFESTYLETheanxiouslyawaitedfallseasonisuponus. TheresThe importance of giving back to a resource is criticala bite to the morning air, the days are shorter and thewhetheryoudonateyourhard-earnedmoney,givethe sunsofter. Theforesttransformsandtreesprovideangift of your time and energy, or perhaps both. Having a encore to end the year, showing off their magnificencehealthy landscape for waterfowl and other wildlife is of with changing colors. Along with the chill, something elsethe utmost importance. But its not just wildlife that benefit is in the air for sportsmen and women across the nationfrom DUs conservation work. Having people who connect as they begin to prepare for a new hunting adventure.and use those landscapes for recreational purposes is just Built in with the anticipation of cold mornings is the hopeas important. Its for this reason a movement called R3newmemorieswillbemadeandsomeonenewtotheRecruit, Retain and Reactivatehas gained the attention sport of waterfowl hunting will get to experience the greatof conservation organizations like DU. migration. The state of Arkansas has always been at the forefront of Now imagine if the fall hunting season was canceled andwildlife conservation largely due to a hunting community no one could enjoy the sights and sounds of the abundantdeeplydedicatedtokeepingwildliferesourcesstrong, wildlife that inhabit the different landscapes of northeastsustainableandaccessible,saidNickWiley,Chief Arkansas. Imagine an evening without hearing whistlingOperatingOfficerforDU.AtDU,wearehonoredto wingsoverheadorwatchingwaterfowlagainstaburntplay a role in this rich legacy of hunting and conservation orangesunsetastheyinArkansas,particularly maketheirfinalapproachwhen it comes to passing tofeedinafloodedriceonthisrichconservation field.Unliketheworldlegacytothenext aroundusthathasseengenerationofhunter countlesscancellationsconservationists. andshutdownsfora pandemic,cancelingR3representsanational thefallhuntingseasonmovementamongthe wouldhavenegativeconservationcommunity impactsfarbeyondourfocusedonincreasing comprehension.participationinhunting, angling,targetshooting, Since1937Duckstrapping and other outdoor Unlimited(DU)hashadrecreationalactivities. one mission: To conserve,TheCounciltoAdvance restoreandmanagewetlandsandassociatedhabitatsHuntingandTheShootingSports,alongtheWildlife forNorthAmericaswaterfowl.ThatmissionhasbeenManagement Institute, have made R3 a priority over the successfully carried out by more than 50,000 volunteerslastfewyears,bringingtogetherstatefishandwildlife whohelpfuelthemostsuccessfuleventfundraisingagencies,industrypartners,conservationandshooting program in the non-profit world, even during a pandemic.sports organizations in an effort to ensure that hunting and Themissionisguidedbyscienceandhashelpedtarget shooting have a bright and secure future. conserve and restore nearly 15 million acres, improving habitat for more than 900 different wildlife species in NorthDU has and will continue to host and participate in the America.traditional youth mentored hunts where volunteers take individualsafieldforinmostcases,theirfirsthunt.In Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 41'