b'Arkansas alone DU has impacted hundreds of youth byis real and its important. Overall license sales are down, workingwithotherconservationorganizationsandthenew hunter and outdoor enthusiast numbers are down as Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in Damascus, Elwell. DU has, and will continue to, empower individuals Dorado and Humphrey, to name a few. While these formswhowanttoexperiencetheoutdoorsforthemselves ofrecruitment,retentionandreactivationprogramsarethroughasustainablenetworkofpeerswhosharea beneficial, DU has found that a targeted approachtoaspecificagegrouphas created a sustainable network of mentors, well-equippedtotacklethechallenges thattheR3movementfacespeerto peer interaction. DUsfirstevercollegiatefundraising chapterwascharteredin1984atthe Universityof Texasat Austin.Oneyear latertheTigerChapteratLouisiana StateUniversityheldthefirstcollegiate sanctionedeventtohelpsupportDUs conservationmission.Now,morethan 120 chapters are active across the country (five of which are in Arkansas) with more 2,000 student volunteers involved. DUsuniversitychapterprogramisall-encompassing. Students join chapters for a variety of different reasons that include thesocialaspectandbeingapartof something bigger than themselves. Many joinedbecausetheygrewuphunting orshootingcompetitivelyfortheirhigh school and are entrenched in the outdoor and hunting lifestyle. It is for this reason thatDUscollegechapterprogramis theperfectfoundationforprovidinga peer-to-peermentoringatmospherefor those looking to begin their journey in the outdoors or for those looking to expand their opportunities. Over the past few years the R3 movement has exploded, and research has shown that having multiple peer-to-peer interactions afield will result in much higher retention rates. It is extremely difficult, especially in waterfowlhunting,totakesomeoneout for their first hunt and then turn them loose andexpectthemtobecomeanannual licensepurchaser.DUscollegechapter program provides lifelong friendships and connectionswithstudentsfromacross the country, enabling students to form a passion and connection to the outdoors overtime and in a safe environment.passionforthesamethingwetlands,waterfowland DUsmissionhasremainedunwaveringsinceitbeganpassing the outdoor traditions on to the next generation, 83 years ago: Conserve the habitat waterfowl use most,no matter which generation that might be.Jrestore anywhere we can and manage all things good for waterfowl, other wildlife and people. The R3 movement Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 43'