b'CALLED TOThe best duck callers in the world gather during Thanksgiving STUTTGART week in Arkansas to compete in a time-honored tradition.By John N. Felsher, for Delta Waterfowl MagazineGreatwaterfowlcallerscanbringbirdsdownfromthecompeted and the winner didnt even use a call. Thomas E. stratosphereandcoaxthemintojoiningagroupoffakeWalsh of Greenville, Mississippi, won by using just his mouth brethren, but only one person lands the coveted title of Worldto replicate duck sounds. He earned a hunting coat valued at Champion each year. $6.60 for his effort. By contrast, this years overall winner will receive a prize package worth more than $15,000. But every EveryNovember,thebestduckcallersfromacrosstheyear, the winner captures a coveted world championship title nationall winners of various state and regional contestsand permanent bragging rights. gather in Stuttgart, Arkansas, to compete in the Worlds Championship Duck Calling Contest, held in conjunction withTom Walsh was a natural voice caller who raised ducks, the annual Wings Over the Prairie Festival. explainedJimRonquestofRich-NTone(RNT)Calls,who didnt need to travel far from his home in Stuttgart to win the Winning Without Calls championship in 2006. He learned to imitate every sound ducks made.Originally called the National Duck Calling Contest, the event began in 1936 as waterfowl populations began to recoverOnly one other caller took the title without using a callfrom drought and market hunting. In that first contest, 17 menHerman Callouet, also from Greenville, Mississippi, in 1942.Former champions revel in the history of duck callings ultimate contestStuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 45'