b'ANHC Receives 4.19 Acres from Mitigation ProjectThe Grand Prairie Irrigation Project, locally sponsored by theDowns Prairie NA is one of the few remnants of tallgrass prairie WhiteRiverIrrigationDistrict(WRID),beganconstructinganleft in the Grand Prairie of eastern Arkansas (Mississippi Alluvial irrigationcanalcrossingandnewbridgeapproachesalongPlain). The natural area is home to a diversity of wildflowers, Highway 70 near Hazen in 2018. This has resulted in the lossincluding Indian paintbrush (Castilleja indivisa), ashy sunflower of 1.78 acres of native tallgrass prairie at Railroad Prairie and(Helianthushirsutus),andwhitewildindigo(Baptisiaalba). Downs Prairie natural areas in Prairie County. By law, the ANHCItsupportsthelargestdocumentedremainingpopulationof property must be replaced by a similar property due to the Landprairie mole crickets (Gryllotalpa major) in the Grand Prairie. and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) federal grant funds usedPrior to settlement, more than 400,000 acres of tallgrass prairie to purchase the original 1.78 acres at the natural areas. occurred across the Grand Prairie region. Today, less than one percent of those prairies remain.JAsmitigationforthisproject,theANHChasreceivedan additional 4.19 acres at Downs Prairie Natural Area (NA) fromReprinted with Permission. Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.the WRID. The new parcels at Downs Prairie NA are the lasthttps://www.naturalheritage.com/blog/anhc-receives-4-19-acres-from-mitigation-project unprotected tallgrass prairie remnants adjacent to the existinghttps://www.naturalheritage.com/natural-areas/downs-prairie-natural-natural area. areaPRAIRIE WILDFLOWERS INDIAN PAINTBRUSH PRAIRIE WILDFLOWERSDowns Prairie NA is one of the few remnants of tallgrass prairie Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 49'