b'Thats Macks. We walk Duck. We Talk Duck. We ARE Duck.[.with a little gobble and a few grunts thrown in]Macks Prairie Wings shares its long history in the Waterfowl World with the Great Plains of Arkansas. FOR OVER 75 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN AMERICAS PREMIERWATERFOWL OUTFITTERMacks Prairie Wings actually began in a hardware store in theThe Macks Prairie Wings catalog has been 1930s, when duck hunters started coming to Stuttgart in masses.such a success that 2.8 million were mailed out McCollums Hardware Store began stocking items to outfit them: in 2010 and still average that today.Black rubber hip boots - $6.00,Duxbak Hunting coat - $7.00, Long Underwear - $1.50, 12 Ga. No. 6 or 7 1/2 shot - $2.00/box,To keep up with the tremendous growth, in the fall of 2000, the Winchester Model 12 shotgun - $65.00 retail store Macks Prairie Wings celebrated the Grand Opening of Business was so good that owner M.T. Mack McCollum decidedits new location on U.S. Highway 63 in Stuttgart, with more than to take thesporting goods out of the hardware store and open a55,000 square feet. Little did Marion McCollum know that within separate store. In 1944 McCollums Hardware was on Main Streetthe next years to come, the retail store and themail-order catalog in downtown Stuttgart. McCollum acquired the building next doorwould be expanding again, and again. In the summer of 2015, an recently vacated by another business. He then cut an archway inall new 3,500 square foot bargain blind was added to the existing the wall between the stores and moved the sporting goods into theretail store making shopping for bargains even easier. Today Macks new space. So began Macks Sport Shop. Prairie Wings stands at more than 120,000 square feet, of which 40,000 are retail showroom space.Its been said many times that itwas the first full-line sporting goodsThe new store is world known as the waterfowl store to be found. mecca in the heart of the Rice and DuckCapital of the World.In 1961 M.T. McCollums son, M.T. Jr., better known as Marion, joined his dad full time in thebusiness. By 1970 it was time to expandThefactthatmoreWinchestersteelshotgunshellsaresoldat again. The business was moved to Highway 79 into a 3,200 squareMacksPrairie Wings than any other retail location in theworld foot building decorated with various animal and fish mounts, andsays it all about todays version of McCollums Hardware, the name filled with every item for the duck hunter . it became a touristof theoriginal sporting goods store. WinchesterAmmunition has attraction during the hunting season. Nine years later, M.T. Mackhonored Macks Prairie Wings as the No. 1 steel shot dealer inthe McCollum departed this life. world for 26 consecutive years.Macks became even more of a draw after 1993 when Marion andWith Macks hunters dedicated help, they are continuing to grow Chuck Lock added a mail order catalog business called Macksbigger every year, and as they grow theyre teaching the next Prairie Wings. Thestore was enlarged to over 18,000 square feetgeneration the heritage of the outdoor sportsman.As the vision of primarily containing inventory waiting to go on the shelf or throughMacks Prairie Wings continues to grow through every hunter and the mail. the love of the outdoors continues to grow to each new generation. Macks Prairie Wings wishes you happy hunting.JWe grew up to hunt. The legacy of my Pa, Mack McCollum, World Duck Calling Champion, is still alive and growing through myself and Americas Premier Waterfowl Outfitter, Macks Prairie Wings. 55Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide'