b'Hail Calls: News You Can Use in 2020-2021infrastructurewill enable management thatfollowsamore naturalfloodplan thanthecurrent systemofholding water at a constant, highleveltargeted fortheopeningof duck season.The most notable changemustbein provide the wildlife benefits and hunting opportunities in thethe timing, depth and long-term.frequency at which we intentionally flood GTRs. To this end, AGFC-managed GTRs still provide a valuable resourcethe AGFC revised all infrastructure-operation management to ducks and duck hunters, but how they are managed mustdates for existing GTRs and implemented these revisions change for hunters to continue enjoying good duck huntingbeginning with the 2017-18 wintering period. These revised and ducks to continue benefiting from the habitat. AGFC staffmanagement dates will remain in place until more detailed, and partners have conducted reviews on most of the GTRsadaptiveplansarefinalized.Suchdetailedplanswillbe publicized by the AGFC in advance of implementation. Jmanaged by the agency. These reviews show similar concerns acrossmostareas:water-managementinfrastructureis outdated,inpoorrepair,undersizedand,inmanycases, nolongernecessary.DetailedrenovationplansforeachReprint with Permission. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission GTRwillberolledoutasdesignsareformalized.FutureWaterfowl Hunting Guidebook 2020-21Gather up your family, friends, and trusted four-legged partners and come experience true Southern hospitality. Relax in clean, comfortable lodging and enjoy classic, home-grown southern fare.For more information, visit us @ www.popaduck.com We accommodate both small and largeor visit our FaceBook page @ Popa Duck LodgeDean Watson, Ownergroups, families, and corporate outings.870-282-8888 Popa duck has been guiding hunts andor email: popaducklodge@gmail.comserving our guest for two decades.Mailing address: P.O. Box 311St. Charles, AR 72140Physical Address: 132 6th StreetSt. Charles, AR 72140Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 5'