b'CITY OF STUTTGARTTHE NATURAL PLACE TO BEOverall, Energy Star qualified light commercial equipmentSOLAR SOLUTIONSuses7%to10%lessenergythanstandardequipment.Lennox packaged rooftop units represent some of the most Qualified equipment is designed to help you save money oninnovative technology in the market, including the new solar utility bills while reducing energy waste. powered SunSource System for Energence rooftop units. Consider these facts: Combiningindustry-leadingefficiencywithfast,easyOver the lifetime of your equipment, using Energy Star willinstallation and service, Lennox continues to offer reliablesave your business approximately $1.70 per square foot. systemsthatdeliverexceptionalcomfortincommercialSpace cooling accounts for roughly 15% of electricity inbuildings.commercial buildings. 25% of all rooftop HVAC units are oversized, resulting inA broad range of Energy Star-qualified units help controlextra wear on equipment and higher energy costs. energyexpensesforlowtotalcostofownership.Each SunSourcesystemreducesabuildingscarbonfootprint LENNOX INTRODUCES ENERGENCE PRODUCT and COemissions by using the clean, renewable energy 2In2009,Lennoxintroducedtheindustrysmostenergy- of the sun. It is the first and only commercial HVAC system efficientlineoflightcommercialrooftopunits.Thenewthat integrates directly with solar power.Energence 3-ton to 50-ton rooftop unit product line combines ultra-efficient performance with an intelligent controls systemIt is available exclusively for the Energence rooftop unit as to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.afactory-installedoption.EachSolar-ReadyEnergence Themostenergy-efficientlightcommercialrooftopunit,rooftop unit can accommodate up to 21 solar panels. Energence exceeds the new federal regulation minimums by up to 30%.Microinvertertechnologyindividuallycontrolsthepanels making the system safer and more reliable. Changes to the Energence rooftop units are also designed to help reducebuildings electrical wiring infrastructure are not required.abusinesscarbonfootprint.Replacingjustoneexisting rooftopunitwithanEnergencerooftopunitcanreduceAcommunicationmoduleprovidesonlinemonitoringof carbon emissions equivalent to removing two vehicles fromsystemstatus,energyproductionandenvironmental the road.benefitsinreal-time.ItwasrecognizedasaBuildings Magazine Money-Saving Product in 2011.With its advanced Prodigy unit controller, the Energence RTU provides intelligent verification that the unit has beenFAST FACTS - STUTTGART HISTORY: correctly set up and configured. The system records whenBUILT IN 1974service and maintenance are performed, displays real-timeFOOTAGE:750,000 SQ. FT.confirmation that the unit is operating optimally and evenEMPLOYEES:1,400alters operation to avoid downtime while still keeping theJspacecomfortable.Anintuitiveuserinterfacemakesit simple to retrieve these records.Stuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide 69'