b'NAT I O N W I D E S E R V I C EH O M E O F F I C E L O C AT E D I N J O N E S B O R O , A R K A N S A S At Stratton Seed, we have two passionsfarming and hunting. So, when it comes to specialty mixes that quickly and efficiently Keep Us In Your produce the right food source for waterfowl, were all over it. Try our Quick 6 Migratroy Mixa tasty blend of six grains that will have the ducks landing all winter.CrosshairsMaster Marketing Group Provides Migratory MixTargeted Marketing To Your Audience WithPrintingMailingPromotional Products SignageMarketing Services BRING ON THE WILDLIFE.WEVE GOT YOU COVERED.With three attractants designed to bring in the local whitetail population, youre sure to have one of the top hunting spots this fall. Choose from our updated Roasted Rack Attract blend or one of our two new Whole corn and roasted soybeansattractants, Big Buck Down and GoWild Crush.offering 14-16% protein & 6% fat.Rice bran, corn, roasted soybeans & attractive peanut butter flavor.NEW!5115 E Highland DriveJonesboro, AR 72401870-4MASTER Rice bran, corn, roasted soybeans 88 sales@masterprinting.comwww.masterprinting.com & other secret ingredients. 800.264.4433|StrattonSeed.comStuttgart, Arkansas 2020 Official Sportsmans Guide NEW!'